Building Hyper Personalized Digital Banking Relationships

Helping Banks & Credit Unions deliver personalized solutions to their customers through their digital channel, regardless of their core provider

Building Personal Relationships in Digital Banking

With recent advances in Fintech, expectations for your technology have grown exponentially. While customers still want to have personal relationships with their bank, they do not necessarily want to do so in person or through a branch.

The problem - most core digital banking providers are missing key solutions that could cause your institution to lose both commercial and retail customers.


The end result leaves you in a tough situation - How do you digitally build a personal relationship with these limitations?

Our Technology

Destiny's platform creates the  solutions your customers are searching for and delivers them directly into your digital banking environment without the headache and costs of switching core providers. 

We help you create a hyper personalized experience for your customers, while at the same time deliver data and insights to your institution to finally put you in the driver's seat of your technology.

API Based - Core Agnostic
Leverage Data To Discover New Deposit & Loan Opportunities

Extract insights from your customer & competitor data to increase revenue, reduce costs, and provide a better customer experience. With daily snapshots of your user activity, you'll see enriched data to help you stay ahead of the curve.


Jay J.

"I love how my bank's new feature gives guidance on your current situation and tells you how to navigate out of debt with your current income."

Janet S.

"Setting up my accounts was easy and the end result was phenomenal! My bank gave me a plan that was based on actual income. No longer did I have to decide what bill to pay. Now I had a script as to how my paychecks should be arranged!"

Kayman S.

"When I discovered the Debt Roboadvisor I was in between budgets and looking for ways to realize what cash flow I had for the month. It was a game changer!"

What Your Customers Will Say
Why Your Digital Channel Matters Most

Digital Banking is now the most crucial channel to serve your customers. Without a robust offering, customers will continue to flock to other options that solve their needs.

In fact, 44% of customers left their bank last year to find better digital banking solutions elsewhere.

Whether your goals are deposit growth, loan growth, customer acquisition, or retention, Destiny can drive all of these initiatives at your institution.

Chat with us, and let's discuss how we can put our technology to work for you today!

Get back to doing what you do best - building personal relationships


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